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In 1963, a cuban refugee by the name of Jose Robin started a company called Perobin Jewelry Corp. catering to the tastes of Latinos living in the US who had emigrated from their home countries in various parts of South America and specifically Cuba. Their tastes were mostly rings, bracelets and chains in 18Kt Yellow Gold with a Bold Look. As part of that community, Jose felt there was a need for a watch that made the statement of being bold, brash, recognizable, "SHOWY". A statement that said, "Look at me, I've made it!" here in the U.S.  A watch reflective of the Latino Male who wants to be the center of attention, who wants to be in control of his life, and those in it, so to speak. A watch that could say to be the standard 18KT gold watch for the Latin Male who wanted to make a statement. That is the culture and mindset of Jose Robin founder of the company who created the look and styling of the piece. The piece itself is a melding of Swiss and Ameican craftsmanship as each bracelet is individually hand assembled, piece by piece to create the "Brick Effect." The finest, 18 Kt. "plumb" gold plumb means they are 75% pure gold. The raw materials are manufactured to an exacting standard that reflect the quality that goes into the production of each and every single piece. The watch is signed on the dial, case, movement and crown. The movement is an automatic rotor, ETA produced piece that is as reliable as the "night turning into day" and which only requires the simple movement of the wrist to keep it constantly wound and ticking. The watch has been distributed throughout the United States for almost the last half century in Latin communities of Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, San Juan, P.R. & New York. It has been sold in such stores as Gordon's, Zales, J.C. Penney and Tourneau on Madison Avenue in New York City. It has been sold at various important auctions as a pre-owned classic alongside Rolex, Vacheron, Patek Philipe and Omega. It is a classic look that has withstood the test of time and that we expect will endure for the next half century as well.

Thank you. Sergio

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